Turning the temperature down

Most people don’t possess an eidetic memory.  Can you imagine if the majority of us did. There would be so much less squabbling about things forgotten.  I wouldn’t have to typically write plus rewrite lists so I am able to remember what it is I need to do. It would just be a unusual freedom to be have a memory where nothing leaks out.  The world would be a entirely different place with all of us remembering everything. Perhaps there is some synchronicity in being forgetful. It allows us to be less rigidly results based.  Personally, I would have a lot less alarms plus reminders set on our electronic devices. I get fairly forgetful with regard to our HVAC unit. I guess it’s there. I try to remember to close the door when I am bringing in the groceries so I don’t let the air out.  The temperature control for the heating plus cooling plan gets touched each day. I even mostly remember to turn the HVAC temperature control down prior to leaving for work. Yet, the air filter appears to elude me. Perhaps it’s because I walk underneath the HVAC return thus, not actually looking at it each day.  However, there are plenty of mornings where I feel I should update the air filter to manage the dust in the house. The air filter should be changed every month without forgetting. The airflow into the HVAC return is the lifeblood of the heating plus cooling system. Leaving it to choke with a dirty filter is stupid on a number of levels.  Forgetting the air filter puts so much unnecessary strain on the HVAC unit. Not to mention, the air quality is greatly reduced. I need to get that photographic memory for just the air filter.