The ducts don’t look great

I was reading about a year-around butterfly garden and sanctuary. They have butterflies from all over the world and keep them in a large butterfly-shaped greenhouse with glass walls and ceiling. A lot of thought was put into the HVAC system. An HVAC system was needed to keep the butterflies alive and well all year, even when there is snow outside. Besides that, some of the butterflies are from tropical regions so they need a lot of heat and humidity. Of course, the HVAC system was all figured out and installed long before any butterflies arrived but it took several teams and companies brainstorming to figure out how to handle the heating and air correctly. There could not be any strong currents blowing the butterflies about. And, since the ceiling was glass, they did not want any ugly ductwork running across the ceiling. It was eventually decided that all of the HVAC equipment and ductwork would go into the basement, under the butterfly garden. They are using huge humidifiers and gentle fans to control the temperature and conditions for these delicate creatures. It is strange when you think about how much work, money, and planning went in to making sure insects would be comfortable. Having said that, I would really love to go and visit someday and see all of the butterflies. I will try and locate the HVAC components as well. I bet I won’t be able to even see them or feel them at all. I will just know they are working because of the heat and humidity in the air.