Babysitting my bar

I hate creatures because they are annoying and a lot of work. Everybody in my family has at least 1 creature though, and also, it seems like everybody in my family travels. So, I often get called to babysit whatever creature gets left behind, however i usually say no, but this most recent time I decided to be nice. I took in my sibling’s large cat, and the animal was messy, annoying and he shed in several different colors. I had to vacuum my location every single afternoon because of the hair. The real icing on the cake is that I observed the hair polluted my indoor air conditions. Since the animal sheds faster than I can wash up the fur, the hair got sucked up into the Heating and A/C unit; My central Heating and AC device uses ductwork to make the whole condo 1 temperature. The fur made its way into the ductwork and then blew out each air vent. Every room in my condo then had fur on the floor and floating around in the air. It looked like something out of a horror film. The thought that I was breathing in the cat’s hair everyday grossed me out to no end, but when I got rid of the cat, I did major Heating and A/C cleaning. I had to get a whole new air filter, have a Heating and AC dealer wash the Heating and A/C and then do intense ductwork cleaning. It took all afternoon to get the condo back to normal and everything to be clean. Why would I ever want a animal when they require so much work?

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