I am satisfied

I am floored by the inexplicability of nature.  I am northern raised however I happily live near the coast in the deep south.  It’s perpetually sunny here plus hot plus cold temperatures rarely drop below 45 degrees even while in the worst Winter chilly fronts.  I got sick of the unbelievably freezing hot plus cold temperatures up north where Winter consistently seems to last several to many weeks longer than it should.  The heating costs are daunting regardless of your Heating plus A/C setup, so I chose to burn wood as much as possible. But, when I am working a hard full time work as it is, I find it hard to stay motivated enough to get outside every week to get the minimum amount of wood chopped.  This led me to spend more on heating than what I had previously budgeted for, swiftly becoming an escalating financial problem. Therefore, when I accepted a work several states southward, I was looking forward to the change in weather conditions more than anything else. I knew that this change might come at the cost of comparably high cooling fees, however I was satisfied knowing I would finally have steadier seasons plus hot plus cold temperatures year-round.  Granted, I am thankful to no longer fear getting snowed in while in a rough blizzard, losing power, plus then slowly freezing to death, however I wasn’t expecting the force of the sun here. An 73 degree afternoon in my new town feels up to 10 degrees hotter than an 73 degree afternoon in my hometown up north. And with the high heat indexes through the summers, your Heating plus A/C system will work harder to run as a result. I thought that maybe I might get respite with my energy bill by moving south, however I instead ended up trading 1 weather conditions extreme for another.

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